Rekoplast, being part of the Recykl Group, is a company that manufactures rubber mats. Its wide range of insulation mats made of rubber granulate comes in 100% from recycled tyres. The closed circuit trend is deeply ingrained in the Group’s policy. In order to protect our natural environment, we utilise up to maximum recycled SRMs. Our rubber mats – just like the tyres they are made from – can be fully re-recycled.

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Rekoplast rubber mats

REKOPLAST rubber mats  are manufactured using modern technology that involves joining rubber granulate particles using thermoplastic matrixes. The resulting composite is then pressure-shaped to obtain its final 3D shape. Rekoplast rubber mats have excellent hydroinsulating and vibroinsulating properties, and so they are ideal for acoustic applications. They are great for anti-slip and protective purposes. Rekoplast rubber mats are easy and quick to install, easy to clean and maintain, damage-resistant, moisture-resistant, and durable.

Rekoplast rubber mat application

Rekoplast rubber mats can be applied in many various industries:

– roof protection, protection of fine roofing items, acoustic and vibration insulation of floors, floor base, acoustic insulation of partition walls

Sports – surfaces for fitness and workout facilities, substitute surface for sports halls and gyms

Heavy industry – upgrading machine acoustic insulation, vibroinsulation of machines and devices, anti-slip protection

Transportation – cargo protection