Top quality service

The personnel of Recykl Group do their best at all stages of our business operations – from call service, to retail tyre collection from all interested entities that generate waste (i.e. used tyres), to the sales of our products, contacts with sales departments, to certifying recovery and recycling documents. Each day, over 250 employees are there to assist and advise you in your cooperation with the Group, and to care for any material that is entrusted to us.

Certified quality

With our manufacture of over 35 000 tonnes of granulate per year, we have been the leader in Central and Eastern Europe, which is corroborated with positive test results and certificates awarded by attesting bodies. Each tonne of the granulate or powder manufactured with the GREEN GRAN logotype is a matter of our utmost concern. As a group we do our best to ensure full satisfaction of any entity that decides to cooperate with us in terms of our GREEN GRAN products. We keep on improving our products quality all the time on your behalf.

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