Environmental protection is our priority

Recykl Group strives to increase the volume of recycled  tyres in its plants each year. We started in 2004 with 15.000Mg, and in 2021 we are planning to receive over 100.000Mg used tyres for processing in our 3 plants in Poland. We estimate that this accounts for nearly 50% used tyre waste generated by the Polish market.

Each year we have increased our capacity and added new technological lines for tyre recycling. Recykl Group has invested in an extension of its collection network, increased its fleet, and purchased new containers for tyre storage and transportation. Our plan for 2022 is to collect over 120.000Mg.

The said plan will make the group strengthen its position as a leader recycler of tyres in Central and Eastern Europe, which will contribute largely to the environmental protection by supporting natural environmental conditions, as mechanical tyre grinding is the least invasive form of recycling for our Planet.

Another important pro-environmental aspect of our business activity is the Recykl Group’s cooperation with Rekoplast Kompozyt (www.Rekoplast.pl) and the use of the latter’s main product, i.e. SBR Green Gran, as a base for rubber mat productions. The cooperation is in line with the European Green Deal. The New Green Deal is a new economic model based on a closed circuit. Our rubber mats are good for re-recycling after their multiyear use.