Recykl Group launches strategic cooperation with Zeppelin, a German company – Press release

Recykl Group launches strategic cooperation with Zeppelin, a German company

Recykl Group, a NewConnect-listed market leader in the management of post-consumer waste in the form of used tyres, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on 3 February with Zeppelin Systems GmbH, an international industrial group with annual revenues of approx. EUR 3.7 billion and employing 11,000 people. The document sets out the framework for the parties to work together to develop and offer goods, technologies and services to customers operating in the rubber and waste industry. The cooperation was concluded for a period of at least one year, in which Zeppelin Systems was granted exclusive rights to acquire customers outside the Polish market for the solutions offered by the Recykl Group worldwide.

Zeppelin Systems is part of the Zeppelin Group, which offers solutions in construction, drive and energy systems, engineering and plant construction. Among other things, the company is a general contractor for production lines in the tyre recycling industry and a supplier of technological solutions to tyre manufacturers, the polymer, chemical and food industries. In recent years, Zeppelin Systems has done extensive development work in the field of waste tyre pyrolysis and has also been involved in the development of other rubber and plastic recycling processes and methods.

– Entering into a partnership with Zeppelin is a milestone in the development of the Recykl Group. We expect to achieve significant synergies in terms of utilising the partner’s experience and potential in the development and commercialisation of the technologies we have developed at the Chełm plant, especially the production of SMAPOL additives used in road construction. Zeppelin Systems will attract customers from the recycling industry, including used tyre recycling, interested in building plants producing additives for mineral and asphalt mixtures on the technology of our subsidiary, says Maciej Jasiewicz, Vice President of Grupa Recykl S.A.

As Maciej Jasiewicz adds, the second strategic area of cooperation will be the development and commercialisation of the Recykl Group’s tyre devulcanisation technology, which produces regenerated and powdered rubber used, among other things, in the production of new tyres. The third is to jointly further improve tyre sorting and separation technology. This is important for improving the performance of rubber granules, powders and regenerates, thus making it possible to expand the scale of their use in the production of new tyres. The parties also intend to work together to meet the growing market challenges of increased production of modified asphalts using rubber powder additives instead of the polymers used to date.

– The cooperation with Zeppelin Systems is an opportunity for us to further scale the business, both in terms of quantity and quality. The Group’s market leadership position in CEE and its systematic growth, also in the area of R&D, has resulted in other international concerns becoming interested in cooperating with our company. We do not rule out further partnerships based on mutually expected synergies,” concludes Maciej Jasiewicz.

About us:
Grupa Recykl S.A., through its subsidiaries, is active in the management of post-consumer waste such as waste tyres. The companies in the Recykl Group collect waste tyres, produce rubber granulate used in many areas of the economy, alternative fuel mainly for cement plants and recover high-quality steel wire. In addition, the entity offers recycling and recovery services for waste tyres and, on behalf of producers and importers, settles the product fee.
The entity has production facilities in Śrem, Krosno Odrzańskie and Chełm, and owns and is developing a nationwide tyre collection network.